Defending Against Coronavirus: Importance of Thymus Gland Stimulation

Many are familiar, I’m sure, with the term ‘happiness is an inside job’, while many more with ‘the kingdom of heaven is within’. Two sentences originating centuries apart with both expressing profound eternal truth.

The term ‘within’, of course, is directional, in that, whatever we’re truly seeking in life, be it health, healing, happiness, Immunity or prosperity, comes from within [consciousness].

So, where within is ‘heaven’: where is this divine state which exudes health, happiness and immunity, and how practically is it harvested into daily life?

There is a practice technique for this very purpose included at the end of this article.

The reasoning behind many ‘within’ sayings, including scriptures, is to trigger the endocrine system, particularly the thymus gland designed — by the Creator — specifically for defeating viral issues such as coronavirus.

When the consciousness becomes fused with thymus outpourings, the experience will be everything, and more, we each instinctively seek in life.

Thymus comes from Greek ‘Thymos’ referring to life energy; it’s also referred to as the second heart, and biblically: Sacred Heart or, Sacred Thymus.

Known also as the happiness centre, the thymus promotes healthy ageing and longevity.

But, interestingly, something which almost certainly will go unobserved from a stimulated thymus, is the release of the miracalous antiviral proteins, the mature white blood cells known as T cells, the antibodies or T lymphocytes responsible for defending against foreign antigens entering the body.

Antiviral proteins are the immune system’s dedicated warriors produced precisely and selectively for defeating viruses. Known as interferons, antiviral proteins are powerful inhibitors at preventing development of virus in the cells, when the thymus works like an incubator in developing mature antibodies.

White blood cells originate from bone marrow which travel through the bloodstream to the thymus gland from where these immature cells become mature cells – qualified defenders against viruses.

The thymus is a primary organ of the immune system and is located behind the third rib, behind the sternum or breastbone in the upper chest just below the throat.

Like coaching, the thymus ‘trains’ white blood cells known as T cells to recognize foreign cell invaders entering the body. T cells are vital to the adaptive immune system, where the body ‘adapts’ to foreign cell incursions. In essence, the thymus is the brain of the immune system, while the immune system itself is regarded as a ‘floating brain’.

Keeping the thymus functioning optimally requires personal diligence to what weakens the immune system, such as excess stress, worry and the myriad of health-destroying addictive substances, but, also, emotively charged wrong thinking. More on this further on.

So, while the state of Heaven resides within, transcendentally, COVID-defeating is accessed through thymus stimulation.

By release of anti-viral proteins, created just for the task, the immune system naturally defends the body-organism against viral attack, as a matter of course.

Thymus flow changes everything

The constitution of Divine Love is ‘transformation through purification’. In other words, every soul through which Divine Standard passes becomes transformed into its nature. In the context of defeating COVID, therefore, creating a Bliss vibration in the thymus is critical, it is health transformational.

The surest way of being ‘in divine vibration’, of alignment in ‘health consciousness’, is for consciousness to be established in thymus love outflow naturally — established in vibrational higher heart chakra consciousness.

To facilitate thymus love expression within the physiology, the mental mechanisms need acclimatization into withstanding vibrational bliss through the method technique at the end of this article.

The technique, while familiar to many as the sacred sound mantra, is an ancient practice: a concentrated inner chant which creates a bliss vibration in the thymus which then expands to empower the entire mind/physiology. A cosmic resonance that will leave us wanting to be ‘within’ its frequency range, permanently, particularly during COVID.

Preparing for bliss harvesting

So, let us look now at how we may be contributing to our own bliss and immunity remaining ‘blocked’.

Similar to oil residing deep beneath the ocean bed, our own bliss potential lies deep within consciousness as pure immutable silence – silence awaiting awareness contact. But, as we know, oil in ‘crude’ format has little practical value to the householder, but, when refined appropriately, its potential becomes enormous — its positive use changes everything in our practical world.

Similarly, for pure silence to exude maximally within, a refining process is needed — a purification of the mental mechanisms through which consciousness flows. This refinement is carried out by vibrational Silence and not lower-ego personality, thus marking commencement of higher heart states of consciousness through the entire mental-physical organism.

Using rocket-launch parlance, purified consciousness represents ‘ignition sequence’: when our soul’s spiritual love-force ignites: when Bliss propels mind/consciousness cosmically through the gravitational field of mortality, limitation, fear and resistance to life-flow — including through COVID drag and its associated levels of consciousness.

Put in context, the mental gravitational field through which we’re propelling thoughts daily determines mental and physical well-being, determines development standard of immune consciousness — pure or impure, toxic or nontoxic, health or ill-health.

The expressional difference between ‘levels of consciousness’ is absolutely crucial in defence against COVID and overall physical/spiritual well-being.

In this context, the three Chakra levels below the thymus, below higher heart fourth chakra, represent lower to lowest levels of vibrational consciousness, levels through which a spiritually asleep soul vibrates.

The significance thus, of awakening the fourth chakra and thymus gland, becomes obvious. The shift in consciousness is totally life-changing in that it represents access unto higher levels of immunity consciousness — biblically phrased: ‘Jesus entered into Jerusalem on a donkey’ — symbolism for you/me entering the higher heart chakra through silence meditation (symbolized by the donkey).

What specifically is purified?

Considering their enormous impact, have we ever pondered how the mental processes operate?

So, in simple terms: the conscious mind ‘thinks’ while the intellect ‘decides’.

So, prior to refinement of the three lower chakras mentioned earlier, the thinking mind and intellect are set at carnal mind level: no capacity of thinking / discerning spiritually; thus the biblical term ‘fall of man’ translates ‘fall of mind/intellect’ into the mire of delusion or spiritual ignorance – realm of the three chakras below higher heart (fourth) chakra.

This ‘fall’ — of mind/intellect — of course is no fault on our part as such, it’s by design. If it were not so, there could be no conscious Resurrection [of consciousness] no conscious Ascension unto higher states of heart/thymus consciousness.

So, breaking it down: The body/mind/intellect/senses are each initially born into the three lower chakra levels known as ‘sin’ – ‘sin’ meaning: missing the spiritual mark. ‘Sin’ or, spiritual ignorance, is present so that we may transcend or escape its gravity pull on the mind-senses – propelled by Bliss — thereby freeing (purifying) these faculties from automatic adherence to ‘sin’, and related levels of consciousness.

Thus, prior to purification, the mental faculties are at ‘slave standard’ to lower chakra regurgitations until the attracting ‘sin’ dynamic is neutralized, which, practically speaking, simply involves ‘keeping off the worn grass-lines — the mental thought tracks — until healed over through vibrational silence meditation.

So, the question beckons — what level(s) of consciousness are we thinking and discerning through: the three lower chakras or the higher vibrational chakras?

The answer is pivotal, particularly regards COVID-defeating and optimal release of mature antibodies: the antiviral proteins from the miraculous thymus gland.

Finally, to emphasise, that, although vibrational bliss silence ‘pulses’ in the thymus chakra, it is triggered in the base [of spine] chakra through the vibrational AUM sound reaching this area. The AUM vibration initially travels downwards to the base chakra, but then, on contact with base chakra, rises upwards to the thymus heart chakra, awakening the three lower chakras along the way. On passing through the thymus, the vibration continues journeying upwards to the brain where it awakens the three gland chakras above the heart chakra – thyroid, pineal and pituitary, representing full endocrine awakening thus maximum COVID protection.

Practise for Sacred Sound Vibration

Sit with palms facing upwards on knees.

Commence outer hearing the sacred mantra AUM through lightly touching lips for about two minutes – feel the lips vibrate.

After two minutes, cease outer hearing and continue silently inner hearing A-U-M vibration in the centre of the brain between the eyebrows.

The subtler this inner hearing, the deeper the thymus bliss resonance.

15-20 minutes twice daily is ideal. Blessings.

The Need to Minimize Maintenance Operations in Healthcare

Recent data security and retention regulatory requirements have kept healthcare IT staff busy for the past few years. With Google, Revolution Health, and Microsoft moving to expand healthcare/medical search facilities, SOA initiatives related to information sharing and accessibility are being added to the never shrinking To-Do list of those same IT departments. The future of healthcare is demanding that while employees may or may not be working around the clock, information certainly will have to be.With new technology comes a new competitive landscape, molded around information management. This new market requires reliable infrastructures on which to build patient or B2B portals. IT is playing an increasingly more vital role in the success of healthcare and life sciences organizations. The race is on.Just like a building requires a solid and stable foundation, so do SOA and modern IT initiatives. Just keeping the PCs and Servers running can no longer be the primary responsibility. IT needs to minimize or eliminate the time spent on maintenance operations. That’s not to say that maintenance can be eliminated, just that it has to be done efficiently and invisibly.It’s fairly well known that defragmented files mean faster file writes and retrievals. However, file fragmentation, if not handled, will build up to the point that reliability is jeopardized. A solid and stable system foundation demands efficiencies from the slowest part of the computer – the disk subsystem. Slow and or unreliable systems at the core will trickle up to applications that drive the business and jeopardize the viability of information flow and accessibility.Fragmentation can relentlessly extend load times for large documents, such as from a medical imaging device, which can easily exceed a gigabyte. When a doctor or scientist attempting to access patient records or lab results is staring at an hourglass, vital contributors to business productivity and profitability are negatively affected.Fragmentation affects the servers just as much as the PCs, if not more so. Servers host data that multiple users, maybe hundreds, need access to. The hardware is more powerful, but the demands are far greater. Waiting for data is bad enough when the end user is staring at an hourglass, but it’s even worse if that employee is engaged with a patient, because now the patient has to wait as well.Automatic defrag keeps file access optimized, so those users get consistent peak performance, and patients/customers get the rapid service they expect. With such growing competition in the healthcare and life sciences industry, quality of service is a major competitive advantage.Hospitals never close their doors, but even for outpatient facilities, the days of 9-5 are fading. Patients and their physicians demand access to medical records 24 / 7 / 365. And when those users/patients log in they are accessing data through web portals on company servers.Michael Materie, Director of Product Management at a renowned disk management software company noted an interesting phenomenon. “Patients are starting to expect access to their medical information any time – day or night. And, healthcare professional have the same demands of their suppliers. Off-hours are becoming a thing of the past. We understand that there is no window of time that can be relegated to computer maintenance activities like defragmentation.”

Why Healthcare’s Future Is About Much More Than Obamacare

Currently, there’s a lot of sound and fury about healthcare in the United States. Much of it is focused on the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare. The Act has been the law of the land for years now. Yet, because many of its key provisions were not affecting Americans directly, it was a subject of conversation, but it had little direct impact on most people.Fast-forward to today and Obamacare is very much on people’s minds. In October, launched and quickly crashed. Millions of people tried to purchase health insurance using the platform, but were unable to. Even worse, had serious security issues that may have exposed early users’ private health information to hackers.For many, Obamacare, and its emphasis on requiring businesses and individuals to purchase insurance, represents the future of healthcare in America. But, while Obamacare is certainly important, there are many innovators, government officials and organizations working to transform health and medical care in significant ways. Although this work is receiving limited press, paying close attention to it is essential if you want to understand what the future of healthcare will really look like both in the United States and around the world. Below I’ll focus on three critical areas where scientific research, data and computing power are combining to rapidly change how people think about, receive and deliver care in the future. Many experts categorize the topics and trends I’ll discuss below in the areas health information technology, Health 2.0 and digital health.GENETICSIn mid-2013, Angelina Jolie published an essay in the New York Times announcing that she decided to have her breasts removed based on a genetic test indicating she was at high risk of developing breast cancer in the future. Jolie’s essay ignited a debate about whether it is appropriate to undergo radical surgery to reduce the odds of potentially developing or contracting a disease.More recently, the personal genetic testing company 23andMe further raised the profile of genetics when it started offering its DNA testing kits for $99 and launched a wide-scale advertising campaign promoting its products. Soon after the campaign was launched, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration sent a letter to 23andMe asking it to stop marketing its testing kits because of questions about whether its test results were accurate, could cause people to undergo unnecessary medical procedures, or stop taking medications.Yet, while Jolie’s experience with genetic testing and the controversy surrounding 23andMe have attracted a great deal of media coverage, people have paid less attention to the other ways genetics will transform health and medical care. For example, IBM has predicted that genetic information will be used to help doctors diagnose disease, select medications and more. A combination of powerful computers and better DNA analysis techniques will make this possible in the near future.For those interested in learning more about how genetics will influence how we think about our individual health, Thomas Goetz’s “The Decision Tree” provides an engaging and non-technical introduction to the topic along with insights about how genetic testing will influence how we manage our health in the near future. Another book focusing on this subject is Dr. Eric Topol’s “The Creative Destruction of Medicine.”BIG DATAData is fast becoming the engine that fuels the health economy. A range of new companies, governments, software developers and even individual physicians are collecting vast amounts of information, or “Big Data” about how people manage their health, such as if they are taking medications as prescribed, exercising and more.Now, powerful computers, such as IBM’s Watson, are helping people to use health data in a range of ways, including:
Helping doctors pick medications that are more likely to work in individual patients
Proactively contacting people who are at risk of entering a life-threatening depressive episode so that patients can receive the help they need
Despite the increasing importance of data in health, few people have carefully considered how this information will be used, or misused. Will data be used to “nudge” us to eat healthier, or take our medications? Or, will companies use this information to restrict our ability to purchase certain types of insurance?Those interested in learning more about the role data is playing in our lives, including health should read Eric Siegel’s “Predictive Analytics: The Power to Predict Who Will Click, Buy, Lie, or Die.”THE SOCIAL WEBSusannah Fox, of the Pew Research Center, has called the Web and social media sites like Facebook, some of the most important innovations in health. While future digital health trends such as genetics and Big Data get a lot of attention, the simple act of enabling people to talk with each other is both transformative and highly important.Today, in the United States and around the world, people are being asked to take more responsibility for their care – both financially and in terms of engaging with doctors and other healthcare providers. Traditionally, we have focused on how people use the Web as an information source. Currently, and increasingly in future years, the Internet will become a lot more important. For example:
People are actively using the Web to provide each other with emotional and moral support, which is especially important for caregivers and those navigating the new health insurance landscape (i.e., Obamacare)
Many are actively using the Web to find less expensive care, higher quality doctors and more
Patients are using digital health technologies (the Web, social networks, mobile devices and more) to start, fund and even conduct their own medical research
It’s important to remember that the future of healthcare is about much more than who is paying for it. Hopefully this guide will help you anticipate some of the important changes to come in healthcare in the United States and around the world.